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Past, Present, & Future Boutique

   For a few years I had felt stuck behind a locked door, I kept trying to push it open and it refused, but why? Because, it wasn't time yet. See when God says wait, you better wait. This is the story about how the business BL4CK BIRDZ BOUTIQUE began 


   When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Doctor. When I got older i found out that it takes a really long time in school and I honestly didn't have the patients (ha get it?)  to stay in school for so much longer. So my vision turned into a nurse, I wanted to be in the medical field. I took a class and really loved it. I enjoy learning and I enjoy the medical field. 'So why did you stop seeking?' You might ask. Well, I have a family, a group of young little ones. I didn't want to work so hard that I would never able to see them. Because honestly, these times when they are young (7,5,3,1)  are the most precious times and I would hate to miss out on their childhood. So for right now, nursing will be on hold.

   Another thing that I have found out through out  the years is that I  like being crafty. I have made bows for my kids and attempted to make clothes, lip balms, creams etc. I still felt stuck for some reason and I felt like there was more for me, but that I needed to be patient. See because God has plans  for everything but it's all in his timing. So, I waited, and very impatiently i might add! Ha! Fast forward to...October 2018.

   This was the month that God gave me the idea, he opened the stuck door... 'Open a boutique' he said.

Me to God: What ? Who me? But.. I'm not stylish, I don't know a thing about fashion.... uh... you sure you picked the right girl?

God: yes

Me: But yo-

God: Yes.

Me: But

God: No but, i gave you the idea now roll with it. 

Me: Uh.. ok , but i hope you know that i am socially awkward and not great at fashion but ill give it a shot.

   I am going down a path that is completely different from where i started. Medical field, love of crafting and now ... the fashion industry? Was God sure he knew what he was doing? Yes, the answer is always yes, because when you are confused by Gods words, God always knows what he is doing. Just roll with it.

   In October, November and December i stuffed as much knowledge about running a business and owning a boutique into my brain as possible. I purchased 2 books and watched a many videos as I could. Let me tell you, I am still learning over a year later! Fast forward to May of 2019, I have my social media pages created (Facebook and Instagram)  and I launched my business May 1st 2019. Yes! Thank you God, the starting path was easy because it was Gods plan. I feel like if it's an easy path it was because it was God and its the path that he has planned for you. If the path is rocky it's because you are veering off a bit, but no matter the path you take, God is always there. 

   I started to build the business and i am still building and creating. its a journey for sure but an exciting one! I have found out God is using me. All of me. Just like he is using you as well. It may not feel like it yet, but have patience and believe.

   My love for the medical field is still here , it will never go away. With this business (and the help from God) I plan on donating money to hospitals and charities in the future. I can  feel that this business is the start of something amazing and wonderful and I am so thrilled to be apart of something so grand! 

 2020 Goals for BL4CK BIRDZ Boutique:

   We plan on starting a successful Youtube channel in the next few months, followed by opening up wholesale the last few months of the year! This is going to be a good year and I just know it! Thank you all for reading, I hope you have  enjoyed!

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